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The newly released Eastern Sierra University is now on sale at The Troutfitter and online. This is a 4 DVD set that is a complete treatise on fishing both streams and lakes from Bishop to Bridgeport from professional guide, Scott Flint on the streamside and Kent Rianda, professional guide and owner of The Troutfitter on the Stillwater.  If you bought the Crowley Lake University you know the detail of the information that you can expect from this DVD set. 

Not just a few pretty pictures of places to fish but the real in-depth information on techniques, tackle set-ups, entomology, flies, locations and a bunch of “guide tricks” to give you the weaponry necessary to catch more fish.  If you amortize the $79.95 you invest for this DVD set over the next 50 days you go fishing that’s a small price tag to catch twice as many fish every one of those days!

And if you are Crowley addict don’t forget the Crowley Lake University, a 6 DVD set by Kent Rianda at the same price with everything you could ever possibly want to know about how to fish Crowley Lake.

A complete treatise on Fly Fishing the Eastern Sierra



Tackle Set Up


Fly Selection

Guide Tips

Scott Flint and Kent Rianda, Narration by Dan Kudo

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