Tenkara USA Rod Ties






Tenkara USA Rod Ties


There are two ways to manage your tenkara line when you are not using it. You can use a spool system, such as our Keeper, or you can have an "on-the-rod" system such as the Tenkara USA Rod Ties.

The package contains:

3 x Black, 3 inch (7.6cm) rod ties - ideal for smaller diameter rods and to secure the end of the line/fly
2 x Red, 6 inch (15.24cm) rod ties - ideal for thicker diameter rods, such as the Amago, or for wrapping on handle.
2 x Black, 12 inch (30.5m) rod ties - ideal for creative uses on any rod diameter (such as spiraling around rod to create a line holder) or securing rods and rod cases to bikes, backpacks, etc.

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