Orvis Clearwater Freshwater Outfit - Fly Rod, Reel & Line Combo



*You will receive a credit worth 15% of the value of the rod towards a line, leader or tippet. Add any line, leader or tippet to the cart and we will automatically deduct the credit from the total.




This collection of Clearwater fly rods is perfect for anglers who fish primarily in freshwater—they come in multiple line weights that will cover any freshwater fishing scenarios. Available in a variety of lengths, our Clearwater rods have you covered whether you're fishing small freshwater creeks or wide western trout rivers. The Clearwater fly rod is designed with a perfect balance of strength and precision, allowing anglers to cast heavy streamers or tiny dry flies. The value and versatility in our Clearwater rods make them favorites among freshwater anglers everywhere—offered at a great price and backed by a 25-year guarantee, our Clearwater rods cannot be beaten.

Rod outfit includes:

  • Clearwater Fly Rod
  • Clearwater LA  Reel - Black
  • Clearwater Fly Line - Yellow
  • 20lb Dacron backing
  • Rod tube



  • Availability may vary based on prior sales and Orvis' inventory


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